Kate Hansen

Front Desk Support Member


  • Personal relationships

Kate has worked in the beauty industry for over three years and loves it—especially interacting with salon clients. If you want to endear yourself to Kate, just greet her by name! Her wish for you is that you leave the salon feeling amazing and satisfied with the service you received. And while she feels that a person’s best beauty asset is their smile, her favorite service at the salon is eyelash extensions because they make such a beautiful addition to a smiling face.

Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending time with friends and family, boating, and hiking.

Personal Style: Eclectic

Kate’s Pro Tip: Plan adequate time for your visit to the salon so it can be a relaxing time for you, and so your stylist can work his or her magic! If you’re not sure how long a particular service will take, please feel free to ask.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology / Psychology
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