Angela "Angie" Leonhardt



  • Haircuts
  • Blow Dry Styling

An expert with 18 years of experience, Angie is passionate about giving a great haircut, because “the perfect shape can make life so easy!” Giving a great haircut is always rewarding, but one experience in particular stands out for Angie. A woman came in after she finished chemo; she was so happy to have hair to color and cut again, and Angie took such pleasure in being able to do that for her, and to be a part of the woman’s “new normal.”

Angie’s philosophy? Keep it simple—most of the time!—but don’t be afraid of taking risks once in a while. This philosophy and attitude is inspired in part by music and art, and in part by her talented coworkers; together they’re challenged to think outside of the box. This “outside the box” thinking leads to some really beautiful haircuts and styles, helping ensure clients leave the salon feeling confident and beautiful.

When she’s not at the salon, you might find Angie listening to live music, at a sporting event, or at the movies.

Personal Style: Grunge

Angie’s Pro Tip: If you’re asking for your stylist to cut “an inch,” be sure you know what the actual length of an inch is! Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to show you before she starts cutting.


  • Bumble and Bumble Design Workshop
  • Bumble and Bumble Design Studio
  • Bumble and Bumble Network Educator
  • Coppola Keratin Complex Certified

Instagram: @ang_leon_hair

Photo of Angela